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Types of Readings Available

General Reading (1 hour):  $150

This is the most commonly requested reading.  The reading includes an in-depth psychological assessment as well as a look at the themes that are in currently in operation at this time of the life and the themes and events that are coming in the near future.  People will often request an area of focus as well such as career, relationships, or health.


Compatibility (1 hour minimum):  $150

When two people decide to enter into a relationship or even if they are already in a committed relationship, it can be very helpful to understand the relationship dynamics that are in effect as well as the individual skills and attitudes that each person brings to the relationship.  This type of reading will examine both clients individually in the context of relationship skills and attitudes and then look at the mix of the two people as a couple.


Location (sliding scale; 30 minutes minimum for $75)

It is obvious that our environment has a profound effect on us.  These effects can be gross or subtle.  Subtle does not mean weak.   It just means harder to perceive.  If you are thinking of moving or wish to understand the subtle but powerful astrological influences of a location then this reading will open you to what is going on at a more subtle level for you in a given environment.


Auspicious Time for Undertaking an Activity:  Flat fee of $150

Nature teaches us quite directly (e.g. planting seeds at appropriate times and seasons) that there are “auspicious” times to undertake activities.  Auspicious means that though success is not guaranteed, one is working with instead of against Nature.  Using the techniques of Vedic Astrology, one can cooperate with the ideal timing of an activity instead of working against what is trying to happen.  These calculations can get complicated and so no matter how long they take, I just charge a flat fee.  The most common important times are weddings and the start of a business but there are no restrictions on what you might consider important!


Additional Time or specific question ($37.50 per 15 minute increment)

Sometimes people require additional time to explore particular areas of the chart in more depth or to answer specific questions.  This additional time is often in the form of a followup reading after the main initial reading.  Or sometimes the person is at a junction point and needs to make a big decision. Depending on the situation, a full hour may not be necessary.  But I have found that 30 minutes is usually a minimum amount of time to get a decent piece of work accomplished.

Our Communication for the Reading

  • We can talk using free video software like Duo (Google’s phone app software) or Skype
  • Land line or cell phone
  • In-person if you are visiting Kauai

Recording the Reading

  • All readings are recorded and emailed to you as an mp3 file

Payment Options

  • Credit card or debit card using Square Invoice or PayPal (only for International clients)
  • Check (by special arrangement)
  • Cash (in person only)

Your Preparation for the Reading

  • Please respect yourself and thus the reading by making sure that at the time of your reading: 
    • You are in a clean, quiet space to take in the information you will be given 
    • You have given yourself plenty of time before and after the reading so you can be relaxed and comfortable

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